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The Un-Lonely Island

"The price of paradise" can refer to many things; from strict COVID travel restrictions to some of the highest gas prices in the country, the island life certainly comes with its fair share of terms and conditions.

While the living expenses of any remote area are typically less than ideal, Hawai‘i's long-time housing situation has been a struggle state-wide, especially with the additional challenges resulting from coronavirus. With a reliably positive annual change in population and the fourth smallest land mass in the United States, Hawai‘i and its residents face a constant imbalance between demand and supply.

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Although the situation will take years of planning and clever problem-solving to address,
as long as we’re all working together, we’re lucky we live Hawai‘i!


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Articles! (Kinda just interesting to compare read through different solutions/takes on the issue)
  ((Also, the comment sections always be wildin))
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