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Nicole C. K. M. L. Baptist

aka BaptistBot

Just your garden-variety nerd that fell in love with cartoons and math. (And read way too much Asimov.)

As young robotics engineer, I enjoy working on projects that enhance my understanding in a broad spectrum of topics. The the desire to understand, utilize, and maintain new technologies is what drives me as an engineer. Although my more visual-oriented learning style is best expressed through design and analysis, I have developed software in various languages and am not afraid to dabble in the more abstract! From humorous animated anecdotes to tv show-inspired roombas, I find the most reward in projects with the power to make people smile :)

Please feel free to shoot me an email!


Boston University - 2020
B. S. Mechanical Engineering

Northwestern University - 2021
M. S. Robotics

Current interests:
robotic manipulation, autonomous robotics and navigation, assistive technologies,
biomedical testing applications, cost-effective systems in robotics
(tl;dr: robots made to help people!)

For more information, please check out my resume:

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Self-taught hobbyist with experience working commissions

View some of my work here and on my ART page!


fluent in pidgin; nervous non-native speaker in Chinese
Other skills include:
  * cooking eggs (any style!)
  * enough useless trivia to bore you to death
  * video and photo editing
  * amateur boogie boarder/crabber/treasure hunter
  * clicking
  * double-clicking
  * driving 5+ miles under the speed limit
... ... ... ... ...